Friday, February 29, 2008

In Retrospect February Wasn't My Month

Now, I'm a dude who likes to do his taxes as soon as possible just to say that they're done and I don't have to worry about them for another year. I only had one T4 coming this year, as I'd worked for the same employer through the entirety of 2007; surely, I had thought to myself, it'll be here by the end of February. It finally came in the mail today, and the knowledge that the T4 arrived by the end of February is only because February has an extra day this year. But it's progress, at least.

I am also a dude who is looking for work right now, and I was hoping to be employed by the end of February; I have a job interview this coming Monday, March the third, and the reason it's in March is because it's been delayed twice now. But it's progress, at least.

I am also a dude who was hoping to have his two necessary letters of recommendation for graduate school application all set to go by the end of February; I've already succeeded in procuring one, and admittedly I would have the second in my hand by now if I hadn't gotten myself good and distracted with waiting for a T4 that wasn't arriving and looking for employment that ultimately hasn't employed me. But I'm halfway done; that's progress, at least.

Man, the hell with February. But at least we got a new holiday out of it this year! (And yes, on Louis Riel Day I drank steadily and read that book I'd mentioned; it is a very good book, and no doubt the next people who go drinking with me will be hearing plenty about it whether they want to or not.)

Anyway! Enough blathering about myself; there are other things out there to blather about! I should be up to my old tricks around here over the weekend, so drop on by later. I've got a good feeling about March!

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