Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm the Biggest Idiot Ever

I really don’t know how I do these things to myself.

I have a ticket to the Herbie Hancock concert sitting in my backpack.

I had originally thought that the concert was tonight.

It isn’t.

The concert was last night.

You would be amazed by the level of self-control that I am exerting right now.

It is nine in the morning and I want to die. This does not bode well for the rest of the day.

Somebody just kill me. Seriously. Right now. I have it coming.

[A Later Edit:

Fortunately for me, I don't often make the same mistake twice.

(Well... in a
row, anyway.)

Since I thought the Herbie Hancock concert was on tonight and it was actually on last night, I've taken my lesson from that and caught on that the Cadence Weapon show -- which I also have my ticket for, and which I would have
sworn was tomorrow night -- is actually on tonight.

I'm an idiot, yes, but there's hope for me yet!]


Rex said...

I hope you've learned something today. You know, when you say on a Thursday night that you'd better die because life can only get a million times worse, YOU HAD BETTER STICK TO YOUR GUNS.

I was expecting a wonderful review. I expect compensation in full for the lack of dramatized recollections of the night much in the way that you're not getting your money back; any of it.

James Howard said...

This is exactly the outpouring of sympathy and support that I needed to see. Thank you.

As you might imagine, I spent the better part of the morning at work internalizing my absolute fury at myself; it is a testament to my focus and to my acting skills that nobody at work was any the wiser about it.

I'm still mad, of course, but with a far cooler head about the whole thing; in my lifetime I've done far dumber things with money than handing over a big wad of it to a respected and beloved artist. Really, it's kind of like supporting PBS, and most of the time people don't watch that anyway either.

When I found my own offshoot school of Zen Buddhism, this one's going into the koans.