Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lovely Day Out

oh god why is it so hot i swear to god my keyboard is melting oh my god aaaaaaaaaaa

No, no, must pull myself together. Strength in the face of adversity! This is nothing!

We Winnipeggers are nothing if not a resourceful, hardy lot! I can safely say that I am very well prepared against the continued heat, by which I mean I've supplemented my tiny fan by buying one point eight litres of grape Slurpee.

Dietitians keep bursting into flames around me. I wonder what that's about.

Woo! Tangent. That may be the heat getting to me. Certainly it's thrown off my writing intentions tonight; I was either going to run down the upcoming concerts schedule or rage for hours about golf, but right now it seems far more reasonable a proposition to stretch out like a kitten and fall asleep in the basement.

So my initial intentions will be put off until tomorrow, then. It's not like the weather can get any worse, bec--

Oh, huh. Whoops. I really should have known better than that.

Well, still! Strength in the face of adversity! So if anybody needs me, I'll be cradling my rapidly depleting Slurpee supply and moving no further than ten feet away from my tiny fan under any circumstances.

It's so nice to have the summer back again, isn't it? Ah, good times.

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