Sunday, June 10, 2007

Upgrade (Almost) Complete

Nobody needs to discover me! I'm back again!

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Sweet merciful everything, this new computer is fast. My goodness. Whoof.

This new computer has nine times the RAM (!) and sixteen times the hard drive space (!!) of my previous box -- the eMachine, as you'll recall, the one from the turn of the century -- so you can imagine my veritable bewilderment at double-clicking a file and then having that same file actually open within the same day. It's madness, I tell you!

Aside from the minor issues of reinstalling programs and hunting down my printer and scanner drivers (freaking fracking they were right here I swear rasserfrackin' mumble mumble why I oughtta), I'm almost entirely back up and running -- and so, likewise, is the blog. Updating should be a lot more painless, now, so -- barring my own extreme tendencies towards summer laziness -- there should be a lot more activity around here than there was before.

Things are looking up!

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