Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This is How People Find Me

Yes, I swiped this practice quite blatantly from Progressive Boink (and swiped it quite openly at that, what with me telling you about it right now) -- but there's enough implicit entertainment value involved that I couldn't help myself.

So here, unedited and one hundred per cent real, are some of the search strings that have led people to Slurpees and Murder when entered into Google:

-- rod bruinooge new baby
-- download to save the littlest hobo theme tune
-- don newman kaboomba
-- reasons why slurpees are so good
-- i got my pyjamas on raffi lyrics
-- luongo video fat elvis
-- jack reimer ottawa strategist
-- jim reimer pc party jets
-- "you don't want no drama"
-- high frequency noise jagged little pill
-- the buffalo sabres theme song origin
-- a&b sound
-- university of manitoba students boo hugh mcfadyen
-- hugh mcfadyen is a moron
-- hugh mcfadyen fuck
-- hugh mcfadyen concession speech
-- paul simon

Oh, man, you poor guys!

I mean, imagine the sadness on the faces of the online lost souls who aimed for one of the objectives up above; they were genuinely hoping to expand their knowledge on a subject, find a particular file they've been seeking for months, or just listen to some well informed and carefully measured discourse. And instead they ended up reading me -- whoof! Sorry, folks!

. . . Paul Simon?

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