Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm Still On About This

As part of my ongoing watch, an update:

Still empty. I'm mystified.

Why is it still -- still -- empty? Is there a training camp of panhandlers inside honing their skills? Is it overrun by particularly aggressive geese? Is there a portrait of Gary Doer buried deep within the building, its visage growing ever uglier and less politically viable?

Is our downtown revitalized yet?

Have I mentioned previously how ugly this building--yes? Okay, good. Just checking. It's been a while since I did this. Good to be back!


JCotton said...

First of all who owns it ?

James Howard said...

I had been building up to that as my big reveal later, actually, but what the hell. I'm sure I'll be posting about it soon regardless.

The name listed as its registered owner is 626196 Manitoba Ltd.; since that was the same name given as the registered ownership of 2195 Pembina Highway, we can surmise that A&B Sound are still nominally holding the reigns.

The (seemingly permanent) signs on the building are from Colliers Pratt McGarry, who are offering it not for sale but for lease; I suspect that could be a sticking point for anybody who might want to actually accomplish anything major with the building or location. The firm's current offer to prospective tenants is $10 per square foot; that pegs the yearly cost of leasing the place at just over $225,000 -- and that's the starting figure, not taking into account all the various sundries that no doubt sneak in on top of the cost from every which way but up.

As you can imagine, in the future I'll be picking and choosing materials from their promotional PDF file; there's some gold in there, albeit quietly depressing gold. (Note, for example, the "BUILDING LOCATION" section on page three; for only $225,000, you have the opportunity to place your new establishment amongst three discount stores!)

So, yeah. To answer your question, right now it's in the hands of Colliers; I assume their intention is to keep it empty for so long that it can become a heritage site decades from now. Good call, guys!