Friday, August 17, 2007

This is How People Find Me, Part II (But First, Ruminations)

My apologies for my recent lack of posts. Things are afoot.

More specifically, I've come to the conclusion that Winnipeg is a terrible job market for anyone with a degree like mine; after hemming and hawing about the idea for the last little while, I've finally admitted to myself that my best shot lies in going back to university and earning another degree. (This was a rueful admission to make, considering what I paid for the last one and how far that's gotten me -- but I'm sure this is my own fault somehow for having stuck with the disciplines I actually liked.)

What graduate degree do I want to go for, and where do I want to try and get it from? Well, that's another handful in itself; I've come to the conclusion that Winnipeg seems little better for my future education than it does for my future employment. I'll have to leave the province for at least a year or two, unless I want to limit my options dramatically. And I've very little money, of course -- as I mentioned, local employers seem to let out a snort of derisive laughter at anybody who shows up with an arts degree and expects a decent salary -- so that's another consideration entirely to add to the pile.

I'm trying to piece together where I'll be going, what I'll have to do to afford going there, and what I'll even be trying to accomplish when I get there (wherever 'there' is). As you can imagine, this hardly lends itself to decent blog posts -- unless you think you'd enjoy reading fifteen straight pages of me going HEY GUYS WHERE ARE THEY HIDING ALL THE GOOD JOBS WHAT THE HELL, wondering aloud where exactly that proposed tuition rebate for Manitoba graduates went, and then frothing from frustration at my inevitable realization that I would never see a dime of it even if it did materialize because I graduated the year right before the rebate would take effect.

Normally this is when I would threaten to turn to drinking, but I guess I'm going to need that money for school. So that's out.

Anyway. Suffice to say, I've got a lot to consider in the next little while. Bear with me, of course.

In the meantime -- fun with search results! Whoo! (What a segue!)

Since the last time I did this, there's been no shortage of search strings that made me smile a little; granted, I'm easy to please, but still. You can imagine my amusement at the idea that people read my blog accidentally when they were looking for, say:

-- mp3 blog etiquette
-- winnipedia piercings
-- eyebrow waxing pembina hwy winnipeg
-- xscargo guitar
-- xscargo shit
-- guy at a&b sound 2007
-- singing zombis
-- frusciante reanimated
-- murder was all lies to me
-- washable crayola poison marker
-- poison control for classic crayola markers
-- tawny sounds like
-- what was supposed to happen on wwe raw
-- what ever happened to the simpson wrestlers
-- look at my iron fist gen fu
-- david spade jerk antony kiedis
-- the meaning of the devo hats
-- spirited energy sucks

Good times!

Everybody enjoy their weekend; I'll see about bringing some actual content for next time.


Keith said...

I'm in the same boat you'r in right now school wise.

I can't find any jobs that pay higher then my crappy dead end job at Sobeys.

I need to go back to school and take something I could make money doing and tolerate instead of doing something I like and get responses like, "Oh you do computer graphics, animation and web sites here's $11 an hour LAWL".

And to think I was going to be a teacher instead.

Shawn said...

God to think I'm in Second Year University and I just get this feeling I'm going to get dinged by this as well.

Hopefully within 5 years the local Radio stations will be looking for people.

Like C'mon, I'm getting some experience in the field with an Online Radio station as the Promo guy. That can count for something right?

tyler said...

It's all simply a matter of whether or not you call this place home.

And there are a lot of guys who want to get in on the radio business.