Monday, November 05, 2007

Arbouring a Grudge

I think that I shall never see
a poem as lovely as a tr--

--as, uh... as half a tree?

That's definitely not the standard fare for scenery on a walk home from work; on a scale of one to expected, this is maybe a two. Coniferous trees aren't even supposed to lose their needles in autumn, let alone lose exactly half of them all on one side!

Who did that tree piss off?

Uh... well. There went that train of thought.

Fine! Forget poetry, and forget trees! From now on I'm going to stay inside all day, playing Virtua Fighter 5 Online and speaking entirely in unrhymed prose! So there!

I think I'm losing my mind.


Tatsujin said...

Losing your mind? Must be the women.

James Howard said...

Women render me addled!

This, though, is not new information.

Robin H. said...

Women render you addled eh? Amusing. A bit hard to picture though sorry. It's new to me, namely since you're new... and new is new... new. I'm nuts. Shush.

Yeeeah I actually looked at your FB profile for more than 50 seconds to notice "hey, he's got a blogger" so I figured I'd take a peek. I hope you don't mind? Nice tree... looks like it got smacked with an ugly stick.


James Howard said...

Oh, by all means! My Facebook account exists entirely to promote this blog, and at no point would I attempt to give any impression otherwise.

It's very important to establish a main base of operations! This I am convinced of!

Robin H. said...

Very nice my good sir! And by base of operation, surely you mean main base of insanity amiright?