Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh Dear God No

I've been very busy, as you could probably tell. These days, granted, I'm always very busy; it has been even busier than usual as late, though.

It is now the 30th of November, and tomorrow we will be into December; it is with this in mind that I've just now realized I... er, I... I'm not sure if I've checked my primary listed email account at all this past month. It's been two or three weeks, at least.

Oh dear. I'm actually kind of afraid to look in there now.

Boy, I'm good at staying on top of things!


Robin H. said...

No wonder no one's emails get to you :P That explains all. Good luck wading through the mess.

That last line? No comment.

W4 said...


When it comes to email, I'm your polar opposite. I check my email accounts (yes, multiple) several times a day.

Yes, I will concede that I am one sad panda.