Sunday, November 11, 2007

Now That's Good Football

Holy hell, did that game get dramatic in a hurry.

Good on Troy Westwood to come through right at the last second after blowing it a few minutes earlier; it would seem incredibly unimaginative if you wrote a movie script exactly the same way this game unfolded, but that's why movie drama is no substitute for real life drama. (And from the televised shots, it looks like the attendance pulled through after all.)

I swear, a few times during the game I thought I would have to come on here right now and put up the Disappointed Milt pic -- but his career rides on, if only until the next game. Good times.

I'll be back later tonight, to cover other subjects; just wanted to get this out of the way right now. Damn, that was a great football game to watch!


Keith said...

Troy Westwood still sucks.

His chances of missing that little chip through the uprights at the end of the game where way too great.

And that's just sad.

Kicks like that are gimmies.

jonathan said...

I was at the game, and while the Troy miss was unfortunate, he had a great game punting the ball, and hit the game-winning kick. It's nice that his last ever kick at Winnipeg Stadium was to win a playoff game.

Best Bomber gave I've ever been to.

Keith said...

As I said, the game winner was a gimmie.

But because Troy sucks I bet most people where like, "OMFG please don't miss". More so then if he was a competent kicker.

James Howard said...

If it added to the drama -- and it did -- who am I to complain? I love stuff like that.

And I suppose it's better to enter the playoffs with an iffy reputation and land the last crucial field goal than to enter with a stellar reputation and whiff the last crucial field goal. (I always feel bad about laughing at that when it happens, yet I always always laugh at it. Sorry, kickers!)