Sunday, November 18, 2007

Holy Damn How Did They Not Lose That Game

You really can't credit the Bomber defence enough for this win today. It's lucky for the Blue Bombers that Michael Bishop was having a particularly stinky game, because two fumbles within ten yards of the endzone -- including the starting quarterback appearing to break his arm during one of them -- would usually be enough to kill a team outright.

(Admittedly, it was really funny to hear the screams of anguished disbelief from Khari Jones after that second straight goalline fumble. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME-- HOW DO YOU--")

Now that the Bombers have finally made it to the Grey Cup game, the severity of the Kevin Glenn injury looks like it might well tank their chances. I'm sure Dinwiddie is a great guy, and as a player he might well have plenty of potential, but he's thrown maybe thirty passes this year tops.

Ryan Dinwiddie makes me nervous. Ryan Dinwiddie probably makes a lot of us nervous. Just hearing Steve Armitage mention his name repeatedly during the last quarter of the game -- "We'll be back after this to watch Ryan Dinwiddie and the Blue Bombers take possession!" -- sounded terribly, terribly dangerous to me. One week isn't a lot of time to totally revamp your offensive system around a new quarterback; expect Charles Roberts to get the ball a lot against whoever represents the West in the Grey Cup. (The Bombers versus the Riders would be an awesome Grey Cup game, for a variety of reasons, but somehow I hold suspicion that the Lions might just blow them out by like thirty points today. We'll have to see.) Mind you, stranger Grey Cup games have happened. Prove me wrong, Dinwiddie!

That's going to be one weird game. Hoo, boy.

Hey, Troy Westwood was the best kicker on the field today! Go him!

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jonathan said...

Westwood for mayor!

All kidding aside, I wouldn't mind that move. It would take him out of the lineup for next season, and get rid of Winnipeg's most annoying munchkin.

He couldn't really do a worse job than Sam, could he?