Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Musical Housekeeping

I haven't been able to post any music since my last storage provider went under, and anyone passingly familiar with me knows that I can't go very long without yammering openly about anything I enjoy listening to.

The major advantage of my last MP3 host was that it allowed one-click downloading (after some workarounds, mind you); the major disadvantages were that it went down frequently, had serious recurring problems with uploading and ultimately removed its free service entirely. That leaves me with few viable options for hosting, especially since my interest in other music blogs almost lives or dies by the ability to one-click. For now, I'll have to make do; the interim host takes a couple clicks to download anything, but seems to upload reliably and doesn't delete my files arbitrarily when I'm not looking. I'll roll with it.

Since I'm both a completionist and a fool, I'll be going back and reuploading everything (!) I've posted on the blog -- which means I'll then be going back and switching the addresses around in all my previous posts, so all in all there's plenty of fun in my future. Ah, the lengths I go to in my zeal to propagate music about zombies and Teppo Numminen.

I'll be sure to mention when I've got everything up to code again. It'll be good times!

1 comment:

Robin H. said...

I'd call you a lazy bum if it weren't for the uploading madness. I bid thee the best of luck!