Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Don't Wait Up for Me

If my previous message didn't foreshadow it -- my Islendingadagurinn post is going to be held up, a little.

Now, said post is going to have more than fifty (!) pictures attached to it; your modem will curse my name, the lone intelligible sound in an otherwise unworldly symphony of shrieking, as my future barrage of images drives it mercilessly into a smouldering early grave.

But that's not why I'm anticipating a delay. No, the delay is because my mother won tickets from CBC Radio for the opening night of the Great Woods Music Festival -- which is held right outside Beausejour, and which is starting tomorrow night.

Tomorrow I am going to wake up bright and early, go to work, work a full day, pick up my car from somewhere else entirely that is not my house, drive up to Dunnottar, catch a ride to Beausejour, watch a full evening's worth of music, catch a ride back to Dunnottar, drive back to Winnipeg, and collapse into bed the second I get home.

("The days are just packed", Watterson once wrote.)

I'm quite looking forward to the whole thing, actually. Because I am insane.

But you can see how this hardly frees up time for the writing and photo-editing process; in fact, proper planning would suggest I should have gone to bed... say, three hours ago. Whoops.

It's a busy summer out there, gentle readers! Don't let it pass you by!

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