Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shrouded in Secrecy, You Understand

Okay. Today is not the content post. Tomorrow is the content post, and I will swear to that by everything I hold dear.
ha ha just kidding no updates until october you'll never take me alive

In the last little while, I've both started a major blog-related project and encountered a major blog-related development; that's about all I'm going to tell you about either one, right now, both so I won't accidentally ruin them for you and so I won't accidentally jinx them for myself.

I also finally came to a couple of major non-blog-related life decisions, but I'm sure I would bore you by going on and on about those. People don't show up to the blog and say "OH BOY I HOPE HE TELLS US ABOUT HIS PERSONAL GOINGS-ON TODAY"; at least, they don't say that as far as I can tell, and the day this starts actually happening is the day I will desperately need to revamp my writing style. Something will have gone wrong.

Where was I? Ah, yes. I'm just letting you know these things so you don't automatically assume that I spent the entire weekend eating Oreos and watching cartoons. I mean, I totally would have, if given the opportunity -- but never mind that for now.

Music post tomorrow! I promise! Pinky swear!

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