Friday, August 31, 2007

It Really Pains Me to See Things Change

Okay, change of plans! Loathe as I am to recant on my previous post predictions, I can tell you guys about outfitting additions when I get back. It's been another big week, nobody will really be too heartbroken if I still my ceaseless chatter for a couple of days, and the speedy completion of this post is all that stands between me and the door as I tear my way up Highway 8 for the weekend.

So, hey, hell with it! I know I'd suggested a post about clothes, and I'm sure you'll be absolutely enthralled by it when I do post it, but--

Lyrics Born - I Changed My Mind (Stereo MC's Rattlesnake Mix) (Same !@#$ Different Day, 2005)
[buy | site | myspace]

(Segue! Whoo!)

Any of you out there familiar with Lyrics Born? Formerly known as Asia Born? Half of Latyrx? Pops up all over the place? Anybody? No?

Well, no worries; all you need to know about this track here is that it will accompany you perfectly in your weekend activities, regardless of what you're up to. Partying? Chilling? Dancing? Walking? Driving? Writing about music after work instead of hitting the damn road already? Perfectly suited! You'll be amazed!

So enjoy your long weekend, dudes and dudettes! I'll be back to help you combat the dread beast September before you know it.

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