Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For the Record: Someday We'll Be Together

Hey, guys! Guess what I just remembered I can do!

Earl Van Dyke - Someday We'll Be Together (Johnny & Jackey) (The Earl of Funk, 1970)
[info | ask your local record store for it, they can probably get it easily]

As you could infer from the above, I was moving stuff around in my room today; the record player and the computer are once again close enough to each other that I can connect them, so I once again get to play with my toys in a somewhat productive manner. Well, okay, 'productive' is a strange way of putting it, because it isn't actually an important or necessary task -- but transferring vinyl to MP3 just feels strangely fulfilling, you know? All I need to do now is hook up a cassette player and an 8-track deck to this box and I'll be capable of digitizing almost any audio recording ever. Humour me and my megalomaniacal hobbies!

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