Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's a Very Good Name

Greetings, Winnipeg Free Press readers! My name is James Howard, and I run a halfway decent blog with an interesting name.

No doubt many of you arrived here after reading Bartley Kives' column for today; I only found out about it at work this morning when my mother phoned, read me the first sentence, then asked "Slurpees and Murder... that is you, right?"

It's good to be recognized.

Go me! I'm in the broadsheet! Well, I mean, I'm not in the paper -- it doesn't mention my name or anything, so my bragging options are kind of limited -- but my blog was alluded to in passing, and that was certainly a pleasant surprise.

I'm even mentioned in the same breath as some particularly outstanding luminaries of the field; granted, that breath is spent explaining that I'm boring and puerile when compared to them, but hey. I'm not mad at that, that's a reasonable assessment. These are trained professionals I'm being contrasted against here, legitimate journalists and politicians, so they know what they're doing and they're very good at it. And after all, there only were four sites mentioned by name; I'm pretty accustomed to getting fourth place, so I figure I'll take it.

I got complimented plenty, right? Clever title aside, my blog was described as... sobering, and... 'encapsulates the notion' no wait I think he's talking about the title again there... unconscionable?


Whatever! It's got an awesome name, that's the important thing. Thanks for the mention, Bartley Kives!


Anonymous said...

Kives was trying to piss in your slurpee while smiling at you. You see, you're one of the reasons why Winnipeggers didn't buy his and Lett's obscene "crime is all in your heads" stories.

He also meticulously avoided mentioning any of the more well known blogs that have challenged the Free Press for distorting facts to serve their causes ie Crocus and FUFG. And when was Gail Asper's deadline again? Oops they forgot that one too didn't they.

Keep up the good work.

PolicyFrog said...

Hey, I got linked to from Slurpees and Murder! Go me!

"Luminary?" I don't know about that, but thanks. Keep up the good work James.