Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Son of the Return of This is How People Find Me

It's been a good couple of months since I last went through my site info and looked around at the search strings that lure in accidental visitors from far and wide; I can only assume that most of these people invariably left disappointed. I'm a pretty versatile dude, but really I wouldn't know where to even begin with some of these.

To wit:

-- pay to murder you
-- mpi not getting rebates
-- when will i get my insurance rebate from mpi?
-- ryan dinwiddie pictures
-- winnipeg jets paint hockey sticks
-- suggest nhl teams who will be in the quarter final
-- louis the lightning bug lyrics
-- baby fights for kissy the song
-- baby baby hesitate what song is that?
-- something made of wool sheep
-- free press jumble winnipeg
-- why is voter turnout in manitoba so low
-- winnipeg sticker graffiti
-- unicity & pirate
-- where's mcnally robinson in polo park
-- homemade bumper camera
-- white wine slurpee
-- chiropractor who did a lot of heavy thinking
-- bubble tea the moment winnipeg, manitoba
-- mattress dancer winnipeg
-- indoor heated poo sign
-- winnipeg service happy ending
-- wrestlers died watching horror movie
-- cheap cottage cheese in winnipeg

And, most importantly:

-- kern hill furniture nintendo ds

I can only sit and stare in stunned wonder at this collection of words, because taken together they form one of the greatest suggestions I've ever heard.

Kern-Hill Ganbaru!! Come On Down DS has to be the most magnificent gaming masterpiece that we will never get to play. I know nothing at all about programming or Nintendo DS homebrewing or much of anything really -- but if I did, I'm sure that this game above all others would be my crowning achievement. Alas! Alas. I'll have to think of something else.


cherenkov said...

You've got some pretty good ones there. Kicks my ass. The best I can do is something like
"anybody makes water slide in pakistan" or
"how can do i have to be to make minimum wage on tabaco field"

Anonymous said...

I can has Conference Finals preview?