Sunday, May 04, 2008

Today is May 4th

If you were wondering, a May 4th morning in Winnipeg apparently looks like this:

Yeah, neat. Keeps us guessing.

The vernal equinox marking the beginning of spring was a month and a half ago, of course -- but the hell if astronomy is going to tell us what to do!

Jay Bharadia - Snowy Day (The Yeti Cave, 2007)
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jonathan said...

The weather is made uglier by the fact that you chose one of the most barren suburban landscapes (south Waverley, I presume) to take your pictures.

The evening was perfectly lovely, if a bit chilly.

James Howard said...

Well, it was where I happened to be at the time. And at work, no less! I assure you that, given the choice, I'd have been taking the pictures from a much more pleasant neighbourhood -- or ideally, from my window without having left my bed this morning -- but hey, we play the cards we're dealt.

The hell of it all is that snow in May is barely even news around here; this is the second time in four years that a freak May snowfall has caught the city by surprise, so I barely even noted it as something out of the ordinary this morning. I looked outside and went "Oh, hey, snow. Huh. Cool."

The evening was nice, though, thankfully.

W4 said...

...snow in May?

Would this qualify as proof that there is no God?

D said...

...and May the 4th be with you.