Sunday, May 11, 2008

Try to Use My Transfer But It's No Good

Okay, those new articulated buses are a million bucks a pop, there's no way we can afford those things. Are you crazy? The city hasn't found the money yet to make bike paths, and you can build those out of dirt!

Not to worry, though! We're a very creative city, very resilient. What we'll do is make our own articulated buses! All we have to do is take an existing bus and put a tow truck on the front of it.

Yeah! See? It's longer already! And enterprising riders can save half the fare by sitting under the hoisting arm!

The initial test run (see above) didn't go so well; we only got two passengers, and they both told us the ride was "lame". (When asked to elaborate, the fellow in the jacket helpfully added "You guys suck.") But this tepid response probably has less to do with the design itself and more to do with the six drivers aboard, all of whom were trying to drive it at the same time until they broke into slapfights and accidentally disengaged the electric system.

Winnipeg Transit! Sometimes we're faster than walking!

Del tha Funkee Homosapien - Wacky World of Rapid Transit (I Wish My Brother George Was Here, 1991)
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