Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Follow Friday Comes Early

A bit of administrative business, if I may.

"Follow Friday" -- commonly #followfriday or #ff -- is that hashtagged Twitter concept that never quite works correctly because people cram their remaining 130-odd characters full of seemingly random names with no explanatory notes, and then you just walk away from Twitter entirely for the day because the majority of your feed is underlined blue gibberish. But the idea is a sound one, the intention being to twig readers and passersby to new, noteworthy, and/or high-quality sources of content.

You will note in the sidebar to your right (which is also my right, in the medium of text, but never mind that) that a most handy blog list does its best to keep tabs on local blogger activity and indicate when new content arrives. But a few of those entries are starting to look a little long in the tooth, over there, and I'm sure that in the meantime a lot of neat new blogs have risen up and established themselves as points of interest.

The more astute of you will already have noted that Follow Friday is intended for, well, Fridays. But I am nothing if not a rebellious sort! A... rebellious sort who coincidentally already has his posts of the day planned out for tomorrow and for Friday, but who needs something to talk about in the meantime. Look, you take your rebellions where you can get them, I mean you can't just--


tl;dr My blogroll is rapidly aging and forever incomplete, and I can handle that first issue myself, but the second issue is one that works better as a team project. So! Gandering as we are at said blog list, what noteworthy upstarts am I missing? Which consistently excellent Manitoban bloggers have you readers recently taken to following, and who deserves more credit than they've been getting? Drop me some recommendations! Help a Brother Out!


Anonymous said...

I would actually recommend dropping a few of the shitty old blogs. Kyla Roma? Northern Belle? Kentons Infotainment Scam? And who's that right wing clown w/ the groovy facial hair & hipster tie? He sucks!
You're still great James, keep up the good work!

Emma said...

Oh man, I wrote a similar plea on my blog yesterday - and didn't see yours until just now! Gah, I'm getting good at looking like I'm ripping off post ideas. Really I'm just always behind on reading my feeds.

Anyway, I don't have any new suggestions for you, but loved learning about Winnipeg Bus Stories from your blogroll. When I first moved here there was a similar blog, but it has long since disappeared. I love this concept, so I'm glad to see a new one has taken its place. Looking forward to checking out some of the other new-to-me blogs you've got listed.