Monday, June 06, 2011

Wednesday is the Winnipeg Internet Pundits UMFM Open House Show

Bloggers, locals, fameseekers -- lend me your ears!

As part of UMFM's continuing Open House to show off its revamped (and very nice!) studios, the Winnipeg Internet Pundits show is throwing open its proverbial doors as well to any local writers who might care to drop by. Three minutes of airtime will be awarded to any blogger who drops by during the show; there will also be ample opportunity to kick around and chime in during the rest of the broadcast, and I am reasonably certain that there will also be beer afterwards at the neighbouring Degrees.

Not a bad deal, right? So come on down! Winnipeg Internet Pundits and the UMFM open house, this Wednesday from 5:00 to 6:00 PM, with the blogging equivalent of the Bat-Signal lit up above the studio. (Christian suggests that I may be shirtless during the broadcast, but he's just joshin' around; anybody who knows me is well aware that I am far more likely to be pantsless.) Even if you aren't a blogger or won't have time to drop by, be sure to listen in; I suspect that this ought to be quite the entertaining broadcast.

So be ready for Winnipeg Internet Pundits! If this isn't Manitoba's sexiest political panel, I don't know what is!


Colin said...

Dang, wish I could make it for this one.
I can attest to the warm, homey atmosphere in the august radio chambers of interviewed there a few years ago by the one and only Mike Elves.

Good luck!

The View from Seven said...

I wish I could make it down, too. With the warm weather approaching, however, there's always the possibility of a blogger-summit-over-beers somewhere.

As I write that, the words "It's your fault! He followed you out here!" are echoing in my head. :-)

James Hope Howard said...

Ha ha, oh, man, that guy. Suppose he shows up at the show! Wouldn't that be a hoot.