Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June is Daily Post Month (Plus, The NHL Stanley Cup Finals Begin Tonight)

Okay! Let's just get this out of the way quickly, because I'm running late on it:

NHL Stanley Cup Finals

(1W) Vancouver Canucks vs. (3E) Boston Bruins

Both goalies will have one completely horrendous outing of four goals or worse each, Tim Thomas will outright steal one game, Boston will score one (ultimately meaningless) power-play goal all series, the rest of the series will be comprised of one-goal games (barring any empty-net shenanigans), and Vancouver will win it in six as the first team to win a road game. Then Tim Thomas will get the Conn Smythe trophy as a consolation prize, because honestly, put almost any other goalie in there behind the Bruins and they'd have been bounced early like a superball at sunrise.

What I'd Want: Vancouver in seven, for the entertainment value and the fun spectacle of a home-win celebration.
What I'll Guess: Vancouver in six.

So good luck, Vancouver; this being the last year that Winnipeg tends your AHL farm team, next year the yolk of oppression and subjugation will be thrown off and our city will return to its rightful place as your vengeful rivals who never actually win but sure enjoy hating you while we lose. The Adon to your Sagat, if you will, although you have no idea what that even means.

Alright! With that out of the way:

June is Daily Post Month

I mentioned this yesterday, but it was hidden behind all that hockey, so almost nobody noticed it was there. (Shoutouts to Fat Arse, whose eagle eye is rivaled only by his fine taste in vinyl.)

Here's the skinny: my usual posting style can be described as gigantic but glacial, where this blog can go weeks without an update and then abruptly leap out at passersby with a wall of text that would surely impress people if anybody had the time to read it. So I figure I'll challenge myself with a bit of an experiment and flip this blog to its opposite for a month: shorter but steadier, a daily update schedule, just to see what I end up putting out when I've committed myself to such a frequency. Why not? What the heck, I'm unemployed right now, I've got time.

And you can help, readers! Look at me, do I look like I have thirty days' worth of ideas? Naw, son. Left to my own devices I'll blow all my typing on Pakistani ghazal music and be out of gas by day three. So, me being the crowd-pleaser I am, hit me back if you've got requests; if there's a previous topic I've touched on that you'd like revisited, if there's something you've always wanted to know about me but not quite enough to bother asking, or if I've been completely ignoring something interesting because I wouldn't shut up about hockey, let me know! I've got a month to fill.

June is Daily Post Month, baby! Let's rock!


mrchristian said...

Oh, I thought you meant that in honour of the NHL Executive who brought the league back to Winnipeg that you would be posting all month about Bill Daley. My mistake ;)

vidstudent said...

So, let's see...getting some game thoughts would be nice - covering some of the recent fighters (MvC3, SSF4 in 3D, BlazBlue) or what Canada calls a fighting tournament scene. Also eligible: a thousand swear words suitable for the Sony debacle.

Oh, and more of the marker art. Might as well go down that well again. :-)